Transportation in Lausanne and Switzerland 

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Here is the website of the TL, the public transportation of Lausanne :

You will find all the information on their website. You can also go to the information center of the TL in Lausanne Flon, place de l'Europe.

To give you an idea of the possibilities and the prices, if you take a pass for the center of Lausanne it will cost you 26.- per week, 52.- per month and 468.- per year if you are under 25 (details on subscription possibilities on

Depending on the location of your accommodation you may need a pass covering a wider zone than the one on the plan.

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In Switzerland the main mean of transportation is the train. Here is the official site of the SBB/CFF (Swiss Federal Railways) :

There are different kinds of passes:

  • The Half-Fare travel card (demi-tarif) allows you to pay half (or at least a reduced price) of the train, bus and boat tickets. The price is 185.- for one year. If you plan to visit and travel in Switzerland it is probably worth it to buy this pass as train are quite expensive.

You can find more information here :

  • In addition to the half-price pass there is the possibility to take the Track 7 (Voie 7) that allows you to travel for free from 7pm to 5am. To get this pass you need to be under 25 and already have the half-price pass. The Track 7 costs 129.- in addition to the half-price pass. It is only valid for SBB/CFF trains.

You can find more information here :

  • The general pass allows you to travel for free on the entire network. It costs 2650.- a year if you are under 25 years.

You can find more information here:

Here you can find all kind of subscriptions :


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Last edited : 26/11/2023