Buddy System / Système de parrainage pour les étudiants en échange

*** Form OPENS from July 25th to August 5th 2019 ***

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Being a stranger in a foreign land, lost and not knowing anyone is not the best feeling in the world. That’s why we have our buddies.

WHAT: The buddy system attributes incoming exchange students with a buddy group consisting of 2-3 locals and 4-6 exchange students. Local students at EPFL who are interested in meeting new people and cultures will be matched up with exchange students of similar interests. Locals will help incoming students to check out Lausanne and introduce them to Switzerland. This is always a lot of fun for everybody, so sign up for the buddy system and meet new people!


  • If you are an exchange student, just fill in this form.
  • If you are an EPFL student, just fill in this form.

WHEN: The webform opens on July 25th and closes on August 5th

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Arriver dans un nouveau pays inconnu, être perdu et ne connaître personne n'est pas toujours facile. C'est pour ça qu'on a nos buddies!

QUOI: Le buddy system attribue des étudiants en échange qui viennent d'arriver à Lausanne à un buddy group composé de 2-3 étudiants locaux et de 6-10 étudiants étrangers. Les étudiants de l'EPFL qui sont intéressés à rencontrer de nouvelles personnes avec les mêmes passions les aideront à découvrir Lausanne et la Suisse. C'est toujours beaucoup de fun, donc n'hésite pas à t'inscrire !


  • Si tu es un(e) étudiant(e) en échange, il te suffit de remplir ce formulaire
  • Si tu es un(e) étudiant(e) de l'EPFL, il te suffit de remplir ce formulaire.

QUAND: Le formulaire d'inscription ouvre le 25 Juillet et ferme le 5 Août.

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************************MORE INFORMATION************************

Who is a buddy?
It’s a Swiss volunteer student, who "adopts" an exchange student, makes sure he feels like at home and helps him through the first steps of living in Lausanne.
The point of the buddy system is to help the Erasmus students to establish a social and academic network in Lausanne. The Buddy Program is designed especially to introduce Erasmus students to the city, the places to go out and to integrate them in our way of life.

What is their task?
Their task consists the first month before arriving of introducing yourself and answering some questions that concern your well-being in the city and how to reach the city. When you arrive your buddy will take you to see the city, the places to go out and places to go shopping etc. and can also introduce you to his/her Swiss friends. He/She will help you with the formalities – residence permit, opening a bank account etc.

Local Swiss students (buddies) also know where to find the cheapest beer in the city, where you can eat excellent food or party till the morning. They know which bus to take to visit beautiful parts of the city and where to go to bowling or billiard.

How long does the buddy programme take?
This should all be a lot of fun, and not be a burden to either one of you. All in all, the Buddy program will take about a few months, but of course it is free to continue seeing each other after that.

Remember, your buddy does this voluntarily, meaning that he/she likes to do all these things with you; however, your buddy is not responsible for cleaning your mess.

Matching Progress
Please register to the webform until
August 5nd at latest. Then the matching will be done and everybody will be informed by e-mail!

Have fun!!!!