Our team is composed of 20 to 40 active volunteers from a wide range of faculties and level of studies at EPFL, from Bachelor to PhD. We organize recruitments at the beginning of each semester, but if you're interested in between the recruitment rounds, don't hesitate to contact us!


Our team is managed by a board, composed of the following people, elected until the end of the academic year 2017-2018.


                                                                        The board 2017-2018


    President: Léa Charaoui                             Vice-President: Romain Artru                    Webmaster: Pierre-Emmanuel Got 
        president.esn@epfl.ch                                vice-president.esn@epfl.ch                        webmaster.esn@epfl.ch                              


    Local Repres. : François Rives               Communication : Camille-Elise Lorho               Excursions: Stephania Konstantinidi
         lr.esn at epfl.ch                                           communication.esn at epfl.ch                           excursion.esn at epfl.ch 



        Sport: Téo Gaudin                                       Parties: Yannick                                       Pubnights: Nicolas Bichon
     sport.esn at epfl.ch                                      soirees.esn at epfl.ch                                  pubnights.esn at epfl.ch 

  Welcome Week: Marie Loveirus                 Treasurer: Brandon Le Sann                                 Partnership :Luca Zampieri
    welcome-week.esn at epfl.ch                         treasurer.esn@epfl.ch                                       partnership@epfl.esn.ch


   Secrétariat: Laure Bruyère 
       admin.esn at epfl.ch