Erasmus Student Network

The Erasmus Student Network is an association composed by volunteers from everywhere inside Europe, sharing a common activity that is organizing events for the benefit and integration of exchange students. We work under the principle of SHS: Students Helping Students, and devote a lot of our free time to make the stay of the exchange students the best possible. We value cultural understanding, and promote mobility as a lifestyle that everyone should experience to understand what enrichment of the society means to us. 



We develop numerous projects that help the integration of exchange students, our biggest projects are the Buddy system and the SocialErasmus program. Apart from that, cultural and sportive events as well as parties help the exchange students get in touch with eachother and develop self-confidence in an unknown environment. We are always available to answer questions but also to simply be of any help in this new environment as an exchange student. Of course, we know that it is always quite difficult to integrate in the beginning and we do care about the quality of the exchange of students, therefore if you have any kind of problem, do not hesitate!


Standing Orders of the association (in French) registered at AGEPoly.

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