Day Events 


Come and meet new people and forge international links at our Speed Friending event specially designed for exchange students! An event to quickly make friends while sharing refreshing drinks, enjoying delicious crêpes, and taking part in fun, interactive games that will help you get to know each other better.

On the program:

  • Cold drinks: Let yourself be tempted by a selection of drinks to brighten up the evening.

  • Gourmet crepes : Sweet or savory, there'll be something for everyone!

  • Knowledge games : Engage in playful activities designed to break the ice and encourage interaction.

Come one, come all, and leave with friends from all over the world!

Number of spots: 240


Lavaux & Wine tasting

Could you think of a better afternoon than walking through the stunning Lavaux, basking in the beauty of its UNESCO World Heritage site, and indulging in a wine tasting experience? Join us on this extraordinary journey where you'll have the opportunity to savor exquisite local wines, expertly guided by the domain’s winemaker, along with other fine wines served by our staff at other locations.

After a quick train ride from Lausanne to Lavaux, prepare to be captivated by the history and unparalleled charm of this region. As you walk through Lavaux, you'll enjoy breathtaking views of the lake and mountains, making the experience even more memorable.

Come along and treat your senses to an unforgettable experience, blending nature, culture, and the finest local wines. If the weather allows, the event will conclude with an aperitif by the lake, featuring drinks and snacks. Join us for an afternoon of delight and discovery in the heart of Lavaux.

Number of spots: 240


The Olympiads will challenge you with many crazy mini-games by the lakeside at the university sports center with a wonderful view of the Alps. Gather your team and prepare to engage in friendly competitions. Remember that your team spirit, your ability and motivation will be way more tested than your physic ability. As you immerse yourself in the festivities, you'll also have the opportunity to explore the university sports center, discovering the wide range of sports and activities available for the semester ahead. 

Number of spots: 240

Where’s Waldo - Lausanne edition

Celebrate the thrill of exploration with the “Où est Charlie” (in English “Where’s Waldo”) Adventure event! Taking up the theme of the Charlie Chaplin museum in the neighboring town of Lausanne, Vevey, embark on a city-wide search, passing through some of Lausanne's best (secret) spots to find the elusive Waldo hidden among the crowds. Join fellow adventurers in this interactive quest filled with excitement and laughter, and who knows, maybe it’s your group who will be the first to spot Charlie! The afternoon will be rounded off with a small apéro by the lake to recharge after this thrilling activity and a small surprise for the winners. 

Number of spots: 240



Night Events 

Swiss night 

Have you always wanted to know how real Swiss raclette tasted? Then this event is for you! Join in for an exciting evening full of tasty melted Swiss cheese, other famous Swiss snacks and some fun activities to celebrate Swiss culture with your friends.

Number of spots: 150

Sparkle and Shine party

Are you ready to let your inner diva shine and make every moment sparkle? If you're someone who loves feeling like a star, dancing to great music, and being surrounded by glitter while enjoying delicious cocktails, then our Sparkle and Shine party is where you need to be! Dress in your shiniest outfit and get ready to outshine each other on the dance floor. This is your chance to enjoy the craziest night of the week with an open bar and unforgettable memories waiting for you!

Number of spots: 120

International Apero

Immerse yourself in a world of flavors while bonding with other exchange students at our International Apéro! This unique gathering invites you to share and taste traditional alcoholic beverages from around the world. It will be a convivial evening where each exchange student brings a typical alcoholic beverage from his or her country to share with new friends. Although there's no formal dinner, we invite you to bring a small picnic, as we'll only be offering a few snacks. Expect fun games throughout the evening to keep the atmosphere lively and engaging.

Number of spots: 150

Club night

Do you want to dance and sing all night with your best ESN friends?! Don't think anymore, this evening is made for you! 

We are expecting many of you for your best nightclub evening, which will take place at the « D! Club », where you can wear your best or sexiest evening outfit ! 

Number of spots: 500


Chalet Weekend

Welcome to our chalet weekend getaway to the region of Gruyere! As the weekend unfolds, you will have the opportunity to choose from an array of activities designed to suit your preferences. The price of the Chalet Weekend package includes transportation to the chalet on Friday afternoon, transportation back to Lausanne on Sunday morning, meals, and activities! 

Number of spots: 100


On Friday night after arriving at the chalet, you will have the opportunity to play some board games, walk around, or chill at the chalet before dinner.


On Saturday, come with us to discover the region of Gruyere with 3 activities you can choose from: 


  1. A challenging hike 

The first option is to do some hiking not far from the chalet, the hike isn’t that difficult but it won’t be easy either. You will have a beautiful view of the Gruyere region and be able to profit from Swiss nature. But be aware that it's a long hike with around 3 hours, and a lot of ups and downs. 


  1. An exciting Via Ferrata

The second activity will be the Via Ferrata, which is the most difficult activity with a lot of sports and you shouldn't be afraid of heights. But it’s gonna be a lot of adrenaline and fun!


  1. A nice visit of the town of Gruyere

Finally, you probably know the swiss cheese “Gruyere” but have you ever been to the village of Gruyere? This activity is the least sporty of the 3. We are going to visit the “Maison de Cailler” which is a Chocolate factory where you’re gonna have the opportunity of tasting a lot of chocolate, and after that we are going to the village of Gruyere where you’re going to have the opportunity to visit a beautiful swiss village.


Don’t worry, we will ask which activity you prefer later!



While you are exploring the beautiful region of Gruyère, we will cook for you the entire weekend, all meals and snacks are included. Everything will be vegetarian, if you have any other dietary restrictions, please tell us, so that we can accommodate you. Be prepared to taste amazing foods from all over the world and share good times over nice meals, and maybe desserts ;)



Join us for the celebration of the start of your journey with two unforgettable themed parties. Kick off the festivities on Friday with our "Disco Night"—a throwback evening filled with classic hits, shimmering disco balls, and a dance floor that invites you to boogie under the stars. Dress in your best 70s-inspired outfits and prepare to groove to timeless tunes that keep the energy high and the vibes irresistible.


On Saturday, express your creativity at our "Draw on Me" party. This interactive event encourages you to wear plain white T-shirts and use the markers we’ll bring for you, as you and your fellow exchange students will have the opportunity to draw on each other's shirts. It's a fun, memorable way to make new friends and create personalized souvenirs from your first weekend in Switzerland. Let your imagination run wild, and see what collaborative masterpieces you can create together!


Both nights promise a blend of good music, great company, and the unique charm of a Swiss chalet, setting the perfect tone for an amazing exchange experience !


⚠️ Disclaimers/ additional information

The night events and the chalet week-end are reserved for students that are over 18 years old.