ESN EPFL Photo Contest

Welcome to our photo contest! We will publish a new theme every month. Send us your pictures and try to win special prizes!


✦~ How to participate ~✦

Post your picture on Instagram, tag us @esnepfl and use the hashtag #esnepflphotocontest. If you don’t have Instagram, you can send us the picture at You can only submit one picture per participant! 

We will select the 5 best pictures and repost them. The winner will be selected by counting the likes on our Instagram repost — not on the original post. 

The winner — the person who posted the picture — will win a special price announced at the beginning of each contest.


✦~ How to win ~✦

  1. Be relevant with the theme: the content of your picture should be related to the current theme.
  2. Mind the style of your picture: a prettier picture will have more chances to win. 
  3. Be original: make your picture stand out from the others. 
  4. Have a subject on the picture: you, your friends, your grandma, your dog, anyone you want. We prefer that to standard landscape pictures that we see everywhere.
  5. Don’t send inappropriate pictures: no naked or wasted people. 
  6. Have fun participating! Bring your friends, participate together, you will come up with crazier ideas!


Good luck, and may the best picture win! ~✦