Hi Mountains Lover !


Are you ready to explore one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Switzerland ?

Join us for an extraordinary day across UNESCO World Heritage site of Oeschinensee and enjoy breathtaking winter views of the Alps.


For this hike you will be able to choose between two options :


Because of weather conditions, option 1 has been updated !


Option 1 (updated)

First group is going to walk all the way up to Oeschinensee directly from the train station. This first path can be difficult due to accumulation of snow and ice along the way. Usage of snowshoes won’t be necessary anymore as there won’t be enough snow until the day of the event but we still recommend this first option for people who enjoy sporty hiking.


Option 2

Second group will take a gondola lift from the train station and will have a moderate hike up to Oeschinensee. This second hike is a normal walk without specific equipment but you still need to wear comfortable hiking boots as the path can be covered with snow.


Please don’t forget to bring your lunch and at least a 1.5L water bottle with you. Dress according to weather conditions the day of the event.


Your beloved ESN Committees heart


✦ WHEN: Sunday 03th March, 8:00 AM - 8:40 PM


✦ MEETING POINT: Lausanne train station





Option 1 : Sporty hiking without equipment : DIFFICULT 


Erasmus with ESNcard: CHF 20

Erasmus without ESNcard: CHF 25

Anyone else with ESNcard: CHF 25

Anyone else without ESNcard: CHF 30


Option 2 : Gondola lift followed by normal hiking without equipment : MODERATE


Erasmus with ESNcard: CHF 50  -->  CHF 35 with CFF demi-tarif (half fare)

Erasmus without ESNcard: CHF 55  --> CHF 40 with CFF demi-tarif (half fare)

Anyone else with ESNcard: CHF 55  --> CHF 40 with CFF demi-tarif (half fare)

Anyone else without ESNcard: CHF 60  --> CHF 45 with CFF demi-tarif (half fare)


Additional reduction of CHF 15 if you have the AG (full fare) for both options.


The price includes: Train tickets from Lausanne to Kandersteg + Gondola lift ticket (option2) + little snacks




Spots are limited! First come, first served. Filling the form DOES NOT guarantee you a place, it will be reserved only when you come to pay!


1) Begin by filling this form:



2) Come pay during our office hours (only then your place will be confirmed):


✧ For EPFL students:

From Monday 26th of February to Friday 1st of March.

Between 12:15pm and 1pm.

In front of AGEPoly desk (Esplanade EPFL).

Here: https://plan.epfl.ch/?room=%3DME+C1+398.1


✧ For UNIL students:

From Monday 26th of February to Friday 1st of March.

Between 12:15pm and 1pm.

Office in Anthropole (1128.1).

Here: https://planete.unil.ch/plan/?local=ANT-1128.1



If you bought a spot for an event and want to resell it, please follow these steps:

1. Find a buyer 

2. Make sure this person has the same transportation passes as you (if transportation is included in the event)

3. Make the transaction

4. Fill out this form (you AND the buyer must fill it out separately): https://forms.gle/WFs9y4mTf3bvqNQE6 

5. Notify us by commenting under the post concerning the event on the TELEGRAM group "ESN Lausanne News"

03/03/2024 - 08:00 to 20:45