✦ WHAT : Rafting and Lakeview Hike

✦ WHEN : Saturday, 4th of May - from 8am to 7pm

✦ WHERE : Meeting point at Lausanne Train Station (main hall) at 8 am

Erasmus with ESNcard: CHF 90.- (70 with AG)
Erasmus without ESNcard: CHF 95.- (75 with AG)
Anyone else with ESNcard: CHF 95.- (75 with AG)
Anyone else without ESNcard: CHF 100.- (80 with AG)

- Good walking shoes (no smooth soles) ;
- Water (~2L) and a picnic for noon + 1-2 snacks ;
- A rain/waterproof coat (weather in the mountains is unpredictable) ;
- A set of dry clothes ;
- A swimming suit and a towel ;
- If you have a volley-ball, bring it! (for the courageous ones who want to play beach volley during lunch break) ;
- Your swimming skills (if you don’t know how to swim we can’t take you with us).

Spots are limited! First come, first served. Note that we changed the registration system for EPFL: filling the form DOES NOT guarantee you a place, it will be reserved only when you come to pay!

1) Begin by filling this form (opens on the 28.04 at noon) : https://forms.gle/UngfqaKN4GPbggZD9

2) Come pay during our office hours (only then your place will be confirme