Hi hungry people ! 


Have you always dreamt of becoming a chef? Come and cook with us a delicious dinner 100% swiss !  After an exquisite apéro, we will unveil the secrets of the Vacherin fondue! As for dessert, we will bake the famous little green pies called Caracs as well as the saffron brioche from Fribourg known as Cuchaul. 

We will also provide soft drinks and wine ! 


Your beloved ESN Committees heart


WHEN : Friday 3nd March, from 6pm until around 10pm


WHERE : Vortex’ kitchen (0016), metro station Unil-Sorge






Anyone with ESNcard: 20 CHF 


Anyone without ESNcard: 25 CHF 


The price includes: food & drinks 


REGISTRATION : Spots are limited! First come, first served.  Filling the form DOES NOT guarantee you a place, it will be reserved only when you come to pay!


 1) Begin by filling this form:




2) Come pay during our office hours (only then your place will be confirmed):


✧ For EPFL students:


From 27th of Frebuary to 3rd of March  (not open during weekends). 


Between 12:15pm and 1pm.


In front of AGEPoly desk (Esplanade EPFL).


Here: https://plan.epfl.ch/?room=%3DME+C1+398.1


✧ For UNIL students:


From 27th of Frebuary to 3rd of March (not open during weekends).


Between 12:15pm and 1pm.


Office in Anthropole (1128.1).


Here: https://planete.unil.ch/plan/?local=ANT-1128.1




If you bought a spot for an event and want to resell it, please follow these steps:


1. Find a buyer 


2. Make sure this person has the same transportation passes as you (if transportation is included in the event)


3. Make the transaction


4. Fill out this form (you AND the buyer must fill it out separately): https://forms.gle/WFs9y4mTf3bvqNQE6  


5. Notify us by commenting under the post concerning the event on the TELEGRAM group "ESN Lausanne News"

03/03/2023 - 18:00