Dear music lovers,


ESN Lausanne & UniSon are very happy to invite you to their Jam Session at Zelig - a night that will be filled with excellent music and great mood. The event will start at 

7.30pm and will last until 10.00pm.


The concept of this event is pretty simple – you will get to play one to two songs on stage and show your music skills to the awesome crowd. UniSon will provide an electric bass, two electric guitars, a keyboard, drums, two conga drums, and microphones. You can also bring your own instrument if you want to (saxophones, clarinets, etc..). Drinks will be sold at the bar at the regular price, but we shall buy you a round, too.


Even if you can’t play any instrument or sing, join us anyway and enjoy the drinks while watching your friends rocking the stage!


Your beloved ESN Committees heart


✦ WHEN: Tuesday 22 november, around 7.30pm until around 10pm


✦ WHERE: Zelig ( bar at UNIL)


✦ NUMBER OF SPOTS: Not limited 






Spots are not limited, but please fill out the form so that we can contact you for further informations. We will pay for a drink ONLY to the people who filled out the form. If there are too many people, we will only buy a drink to the people who registered first.


1) Begin by filling this form:

22/11/2022 - 19:30