Hey Party people !


Ready to unleash your inner nocturnal superstar and ignite the semester with an explosion of excitement? Brace yourselves for an unparalleled nightlife experience – the "Ultimate Semester Kickoff Party" is here! Why settle for one club when you can conquer them all in one electrifying night? This is your golden ticket to dive headfirst into Lausanne's vibrant nightlife scene and paint the town with your dance moves!


Unveil a new era of unforgettable memories as you journey through the iconic club circuit. The illustrious D! Club, the enigmatic No Name, the legendary ABC, the sophisticated White Club, the alluring Bleu, and the vivacious Jaggers – each has its unique charm and vibe, waiting for you to explore and conquer.


Let's create a symphony of laughter, dancing, and euphoria that will resonate in your memories for years to come. Get ready to dance until the sun comes up!

BEFORE PUBNIGHT : Come and join us at captain cook for maximum deals with yourfrom 7 PM


Your beloved ESN Committees laugh


✦ WHEN: Thursday, September 28th, starting at 11 PM

✦ WHERE: Explore Lausanne's top clubs: ABC, D! Club, No Name, White, Bleu, Jaggers

✦ LIMITED SPOTS: Only 250 spots up for grabs – act fast!

✦ TICKET PRICE: An incredible steal at just 10 CHF


Ready to Seize the Night?:

Be among the privileged few to secure your spot:


✧ For EPFL students:

From Thursday, September 21th, to Thursday, September 28st (excluding weekends).

Between 12:15 PM and 1 PM.

In front of AGEPoly desk (Esplanade EPFL).

Here: https://plan.epfl.ch/?room=%3DME+C1+398.1


✧ For UNIL students:

From Thursday, September 21th, to Thursday, September 28st (excluding weekends).

Between 12:15pm and 1pm.

Office in Anthropole (1128.1).

Here: https://planete.unil.ch/plan/?local=ANT-1128.1



This ticket is not refundable by ESN, but you can sell it to anyone else.


Join us in celebrating the semester's arrival in style. Embrace the night, own the dance floor, and make this an unforgettable journey! Let's make it a night to remember!

28/09/2023 - 23:00