Dear readers,


As you might know, we have recently had some issues with our local wesite, and having it set up again proved more challenging than expected. Facing such difficulties time and time again, we've decided, with the support of ESN Switzerland and ESN International IT Committe, to take a leap into the future by setting-up an all-new website.

We hope you will enjoy our entry in web 2.0 as much as we are excited about it! As it is a very new thing to us, we aren't completely safe from a few quirks, bugs, and a few barren pages in the weeks to come... but from now on, we should avoid month-long crashes in the first week of a semester. And I think we'll all agree that it's already something :D

Looking forward to your constructive and encouraging comments, we wish you a nice navigation, and as always, a great time in Switzerland!


Your ESN Xchange EPFL Committee