The concept of the pubnight is not an elaborate one: each Wednesday evening a night out is organized for you, you the young erasmus for whom Lausanne’s night life is still a mystery!

The aim is twofold: firstly we would like you to discover the numerous bars and clubs in our dear and steep city, but also for you to be able to spend time with your wonderful colleagues hailing from the four corners of the world! In order to make this all a but more festive, our parties usually have a theme. If you think that a certain theme really merits to be partied upon, please don’t hesitate to send us an email, all propositions are welcome!

To recapitulate, pubnights are the nights which end your week on a wednesday and make your nights out in Lausanne a crazy adventure!

PS: ESN EPFL does consider your studies a bit, so for the last month before the exams we try to organise nights out in bars. Since by this time you should know all the clubs, it will be up to you to see if you want to continue the evening in a club...


Special deals

We have managed to negotiate three special deals every Wednesday (available with your student card EPFL, UNIL or ESN card): at Les Gosses du Quebec bar, you get a small beer for 3chf, a big one for 6chf, at La Girafe bar, you get 10 shots for 30chf and a big beer for 6chf and at Harper's Pub, you get pints for 6chf, shots for 4chf and pizzas for 15chf.  So enjoy your Wednesday nights!