Surfing Dinner is a new wave to share culinary passions in a friendly way! 



1. Find a cooking partner

2. Register before the DeadLine, 3 days before the event, you will get your geo-optimized route for Lausanne, with all the relevant information

3. Prepare your dish. You have the following options:

  • Apero + starter
  • Main dish
  • Dessert + cocktail

4. At 7pm, your adventure starts:

  • Go to 3 different places, always with different people.
  • Always be 6 people around the table. At the end of the dinner, you will have met 12 curious participants like you, discovering new gastronomic wonders.
  • Be on time: every participants will move in the city at given hours and should play the game by being punctual.
    • Once, you will receive 2 teams at your place and surprise them with your talent
    • Twice, you will get served in other kitchens (the dishes you have not prepared) to discover new gastronomic wonders.

5. From 11pm, after having surfed the city and found its hidden delights, meet again all the participants in a pub to chat over a drink about your experience