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Adopte un buddy !

Arriver dans un nouveau pays inconnu, être perdu et ne connaître personne n'est pas toujours facile. C'est pour ça qu'on a nos buddies!

QUOI: Le buddy system attribue des étudiants locaux à des étudiants étrangers qui viennent d'arriver à Lausanne afin de leur montrer la ville, la culture Suisse ... ! C'est toujours beaucoup de fun, on te conseille de t'inscrire toi aussi !

COMMENT PARTICIPER: Il suffit de remplir le formulaire sur notre site web et on t'attribue un buddy international! http://epfl.esn.ch/buddy-system. Le formulaire d'inscription ouvre le 1er décembre 2016 et ferme le 30 janvier 2017. Et c'est gratuit !

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Being a stranger in a foreign land, lost and not knowing anyone is not the best feeling in the world. That’s why we have our buddies.

WHAT: The buddy system attributes incoming exchange students with local students: their "buddy group". Local students at EPFL who are interested in meeting new people and cultures will be matched up with exchange students of similar interests, in small groups of 3-7 persons. Locals will help their buddy to check out Lausanne and introduce them to Switzerland. This is always a lot of fun for everybody, so sign up for the buddy system and meet new people!

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Just fill in the form on our website and we will match you with your buddies! http://epfl.esn.ch/buddy-system

PRICE: Like all the good things in life, it's completely free :)

WHEN: The webform opens on december 1st, 2016 and closes on january 30th, 2017

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