Arriving in Lausanne for Spring 2016? Eager to meet some local students? The Buddy Matching program of ESN EPFL may be one of the best options to bind with people from Lausanne and around as you arrive, a great option to get insiders hints and discovering the Swiss culture!

As you're about to move to Lausanne, you probably have a fair number of questions regarding life in Switzerland; its traditions, cultural peculiarities, and the more admnistrative aspects of your new home for upcoming 6 months, can sometimes be surprising and require a bit of explanations. At the same time, meeting local students from your host university can be a daunting challenge as you arrive in the middle of the academic journey, while being one of the main motivations for people to go and study abroad. That is why ESN Xchange EPFL (and ESN Xchange UniL) are organizing these Buddy Matching programs: before the semester begins, you have the opportunity to me matched with an another student with similar interests and field of study, and who has himself (or herself) an interest in meeting international students!

The registrations are now open! Whether you are a local student or an incoming student from abroad, find our more and register here!