Visit of the Gruyère cheese factory and the Cailler chocolate factory.



Sunday, March 22nd. Departure at 9:00h from EPFL by bus. Return around 17:00h.


50.- with an ESN card.

+5 without ESN card.


Registration will be open from Monday 9th March to Friday 20th March 
at Agepoly (Esplanade square on EPFL). Access plan to AGEPoly : http://plan.epfl.ch/?room=MEC1398.1

Please take the exact amount of money in cash with you to ensure registration.


Hello everybody!

As you all probably learned by your second week here, Swiss gastronomy is famous for two products: cheese and chocolate. So, how does the possibility of tasting them while discovering the secrets of their production sound? Great, doesn’t it? So now that we all wanna go, let’s talk about the plan in detail:

We will catch the bus from EPFL at 9:00h to go to Pringy. There, we will visit the wonderful “Maison du Gruyère" and learn about Gruyère in their expo. Around 11:00h we will witness the ‘moulding’ of cheese. After being observers, now that we are almost experts, it comes the judging part: lunch time! The menu will consist of:  

Entree: classic mixed salad.
Main course: chicken cutlet with mustard seed sauce and Gruyère Risotto.
Dessert: meringue with double cream of Gruyère (that you will absolutely love).

You might think now: ‘Wow, this sounds great already.’ But guys, this isn’t the end of it. We all like sweet endings, don’t lie to yourselves! And here is when the second part of the trip starts.

At 13:30h, we will leave Pringy and go to Broc where "La Maison Cailler" (chocolate factory) is located. There, we will do a tour of about an hour and a half starting at 14:00h, which will conclude with the dream of every chocolate lover: an "all-you-can-eat" chocolate tasting session.

Finally, and in order to help you feel a little more in shape after eating the whole day, we will have some time to walk around the city before the bus drives us back to EPFL.

TIPS: Bring a bottle of water with you; you will be thirsty after eating large amounts of chocolate! ;)

50.- (55 .- without ESNcard)
What's included: 
  • Visit of cheese factory
  • Lunch at the cheese factory
  • Visit of the chocolate factory
  • Visit of the medieval city of Gruyere
  • Transportation by bus