Hello you!

If you are here, it means that you were tested positive for COVID-19. In particular, fill this form if you were tested positive to COVID-19 and you attended one of the ESN Lausanne events.

You can remain anonymous or provide your info so that we can talk with you about who you had contacts with. If these persons were vaccinated and agree to give their name to the authorities, they can get tested for free and they will not get quarantined (IN ANY CASE).

If you remain anonymous, we can at least ask people who attended the same events as you to stay at home for a while or encourage them to take a free test if they are vaccinated.

The answers to this form will be kept private and will only be visible by the presidency of ESN Unil & ESN EPFL. We guarantee you that we won't share any information you give us here.

These measures are being taken to prevent the virus from spreading in our community, but also to remind us that the pandemic is still a problem to be aware of and that we must therefore remain responsible.

Stay healthy! heart

Your ESN Lausanne committee